Ethical Farming

We think all animals should be free to graze pasture during the day, free to experience sunshine, wind and rain. Have access to clean fresh water and good feed. Be free to express instinctive behaviour. Be free of pain, discomfort and disease. Be free from fear and distress. Be protected from predators. Be able to nurture their young and be free from hormones and antibiotics.

Recently we set out to find a band of ethical farmers to supply us with meat from happy animals who are well looked after. We found that Western Australia had the biggest free range piggery in the southern hemisphere. Mt. Barker free range chickens taste ten time better than their farmed counterparts and have a happy life without hormones and force feeding. And our own chickens produce the best organic eggs in the world. (Visit them in the Hen House Hilton at the back of our garden)

Here in the southwest there’s no excuse whatsoever for using “Grain-fed” beef. “Grain-fed” means locked in a dusty yard in the heat with no shade and barely enough room to move, sometimes for up to six months being force-fed grain for a marginal increase in flavour. Grass-fed beef. That’s what we should be eating down here. Cattle fed grass in pristine paddocks hanging out with their friends, plenty of sunshine, shady trees & fresh water.

OK their last day is a shocker but let’s face it everyone’s last day is a shocker. Always ask for grass-fed beef and sheep. We love grass fed mutton, free range pork and chicken and sea-farmed fish. Our oceans need a break. But that’s another story.

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