Bumper Olive Harvest reaps Royal Show medals

Our 2010 Olive Harvest was sensational.  Even ripening and plump juicy fruit has resulted in our best cold pressed olive oil yet.  The fresh new season’s oil is available now for tasting and sale.  if you’ve never tasted fresh extra virgin olive oil  you’ll be amazed at its depth of character.

Our 2010 oil has already won two medals at the 2010 Perth Royal show and is destined to win more as the year unfolds.  We cold press our oil and then cold settle it without mechanical filtering.  Our oil is exactly as it would have been 2000 years ago.

If you can’t get in to our cellar door for a taste, our favourite oil the 2010 Leccino is available from our online store together with a range of infused oils.  Click here to view.