We’ve converted our whole farm to solar pumping

There’s a permanent spring-fed lake on the southern border of our farm.  The most beautiful cool fresh water flows into the lake from an ancient ironstone aquifer.  It provides all our drinking water and all the water for the farm and for irrigation.  But it’s over a kilometre away and over a hill.

With no electricity nearby we’d been pumping the water with diesel pumps until earlier this year when we installed a solar-tracking array attached to a submersible pump.  The solar panels generate electricity for the pump and move to track the position of the sun.

As soon as the sun comes up the pump starts pumping making water available for use all round the farm and keeping our two holding tanks full for use at night.  It is automatic, silent, powerful and free.  And it replaces the dirty diesel pump with a zero emissions alternative.

Even if you don’t believe in global warming.  Switching to solar makes so much sense.